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  2. Lovely Cakes Bhavi they Tasted Amazing

  3. What delicious little cheesecakes – and the swirl on the top is so pretty. These look great and I bet tasted even better!

  4. Love everything you make never give up

  5. Hi Bee,

    This recipe sounds great, I might give it a go. Not a huge fan of Oreos though so do you think it would work with penguins instead (the biscuit, not the flightless bird)?
    BMW, did you use Oreos because Blackbeard’s pirate ship was The Oreo?

    As usual your photos are great. You really know how to bake and show off the results.


    PS I may have made up the bit about the pirate ship. The rest of it is true. Except the bit about penguins.


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