Meatlover Beer Butt Chicken

Meat Glorious Meat

Review : Meatopia 6 – 7th September 2014.

Living in Wapping, East London is great not only is it steeped in history and is nestled so conveniently between the City of London and Canary Wharf, there’s always something going on and this weekend was no exception with Meatopia  at the Tobacco Dock.

The best way to describe Meatopia, is that it’s a little alike Taste of London but with more meat , a little like a beerfest but with more meat , you get the idea a real meat lovers paradise.

Growing up in a largely vegetarian household I’m not a big meat lover, however even I was able to appreciate the awesomeness of some the great grill masters this weekend.

As well as fabulous food it was an opportunity to try some great beer from some of the best breweries around like Beavertown and Crate.

Meatlover Beer Butt Chicken
Meatlover Beer Butt Chicken

Mark Blatchford’s Beer Butt Chicken was quite easily my favourite dish, who’da thought shoving a beer can up a chicken’s bum and roasting for several hours would have fabulously delicious and moist results!

Beer Butt Can Chicken
Beer in the Butt
Flesh Buns Pit Smoked Lamb in a Steamed Bun
Flesh & Buns Pit Smoked Lamb in a Steamed Bun

The pit smoked lamb ( yes they really did have pits there !), took an unusual turn with incredibly light steamed buns..sublime.

Dirty Bones Lamb Cutlets and Dirty Mac
Dirty Bones Lamb Cutlets and Dirty Mac

Okay so maybe this was my favourite , lamb cutlets with a marshmallow sauce and Dirty Macaroni cheese, not sure what makes it dirty but it was delicious … simple and effective with amazing results.

House of Ho Bobby's Glazed Smoked Goose 'Banh Mi' Sandwhich
House of Ho Bobby’s Glazed Smoked Goose ‘Banh Mi’ Sandwhich
Almost Famous Californication Burger
Almost Famous Californication Burger


Bee : The tickets were a bit on the pricey side, and like Taste or a beerfest you have to buy extra tokens once you get inside so you can taste the food from the many many stalls.  If you get the chance and you love your meat its worth a visit, next time though I think I would go with group of friends and would make a day of it, so you could pace yourself and enjoy the music and beer.

Overall Experience 3.5 Stars (3.5 / 5)