Raspberry Fool

What you lookin’ at fool!

Where has the summer gone? In a last ditched attempt to hold onto the  summer I decided that we needed something sweet and summery and what better pudding than a summer berry fruit fool (and I had raspberries left over from the Raspberry friands I made the other day).  The quintessential British pudding so yummy and sweet and full of the taste of a British summer.  So ridiculously easy to make that I have to admit it’s very difficult to go wrong and with so many variations I’m sure you’ll see more fools to come on my blog!  Usually made with just cream and to make it a little lighter and healthier I’ve reduced the amount of cream and added thick Greek yoghurt also. Chill just before you eat and enjoy as a pudding during the summer BBQ.  Now go make and enjoy the last few days of summer!  This recipe will serve 4 – 6 depending on the size of your pudding bowls.


Raspberry Fool
Raspberry Fool


Attempts : 1 – so so easy

Ingredients :

300g Raspberries

150ml Double Cream

150ml Thick Greek Yoghurt

Icing sugar to taste (optional)

Some dark chocolate shavings to sprinkle on the top.


Method :

        1. Crush the raspberries in a bowl with fork, you don’t want it properly pureed , some lumps and bits will make the fool just a little more interesting.
        2. Whisk the double cream into a soft folds , not too stiff.  You may need to use an electric whisk for this as takes a little while, unless you’ve strong arms I don’t so I chose the easy route.
        3. Gently fold in the Greek yoghurt.
        4. Add 2/3 of the crushed raspberries and mix until the mixture is a lovely pink colour.
        5. Add icing sugar now if you’d like it sweet , I added just over a table spoon. You can add less or more depending on your taste.
        6. Add the remaining raspberries and mix just enough to get streaks of bright red running through the pink.
        7. You can eat them straight away or pop them in the fridge to chill first. Enjoy!.

Tip : Substitute the chocolate with chopped raw pistachio for a healthier alternative..yum!