Bacon , Chilli Avocado , Lime and Tomatoes

Easy Like Sunday Morning – Chilli Avocado and Bacon

Mornings are without a doubt my favorite part of the day, especially during the summer months.  The best part of the morning is breakfast, I love to eat breakfast and I need to have something filling and savory!  So here’s one of my favorite and popular Sunday morning breakfasts/brunch recipes in our house. With streaky bacon, mashed up avocado and grilled tomatoes this is so easy to make, so healthy and delicious that you’ll never want to have a bowl of soggy cereal again!

Bacon , Chilli Avocado , Lime and  Tomatoes
Bacon , Chilli Avocado , Lime and Tomatoes

Attempts : A lot during the summer months.


  • Bread for toast – I prefer sourdough for this, but I leave it to you to decide your preference but you do want want a bread with a lovely crunch.
  • 6 Cherry tomatoes – cut into quarters or halves.
  • 4 rashers of streaky bacon
  • 2 ripe avocados
  • 1 lime – everything taste better with lime!
  • Chilli flakes – to taste
  • Sea salt – to taste


Bacon, Tomatoes, Sourdough Bread, Avocado, Chilli Flakes, Salt, Lime
Bacon, Tomatoes, Sourdough Bread, Avocado, Chilli Flakes, Salt, Lime

Method :

  1. Peal and de-stone the avocados.  Mash the avocados with the juice of 1 lime. Add chilli flakes and salt to taste.
  2. Grill the streaky bacon and quartered tomatoes.
  3. Spread the mashed avocados over the toast , add the bacon and tomatoes over the top.
  4. A squeeze of extra lime on top – seriously EVERYTHING tastes better with lime!
  5. Now grab the Sunday papers a cup of coffee and relax.
Easy Sunday Breakfast / Brunch
Easy Sunday Breakfast / Brunch


  1. Hello Bee,

    Thanks for another really creative and tasty sounding recipe. One question – is there a reason for masking the avocado? Is it so that it can’t see what you’re going to do to it, or is it an homage to pirates? If its the latter, I’m not sure they used to wear masks. I think that was Zorro.


    • Ahoy there Mark, apologies for the slight typo in the post .. this has now been remedied. Also just to let you I’m working on a pirate themed recipe which I hope to post soon. Stay tuned.

  2. Hi again Bee,

    Oh, of course. Mashed up avocado. That makes much more sense. I am really looking forward to the pirate themed recipe. Here are some ideas, although I notice Treasure Chest Chicken is not included.


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