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  1. Happy New Year Bharvi!! This is so very tempting… Infact all the recipes you have been posting are simply superb!!!

  2. Hi Bee,

    Another winner, combining two of my favourite things to eat. I’ve never heard of “hill powder” though, so I looked it up on Google. Nothing came up, but the search results did include a link to somewhere called Powder Keg Diplomacy.

    As well as being something which I am sure would have been used by pirates, it looks like an interesting bar/restaurant. Knowing that you like to eat out as well as produce kitchen miracles of your own, I thought I would leave a comment about it, especially as they serve thrice-cooked chips! Now I’ve had twice cooked chips before but these guys have clearly taken it to another level.

    Anyway – here’s their website….www.powderkegdiplomacy.co.uk

    Happy New Year!

    PS They also have Stokey Brown Ale from Pressure Drop – my mate Sam’s microbrewery! It is described as “malty and hoppy at the same time with a warm nut finish”, which is probably my favourite type of finish.


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