About Bee and Darwin

Darwin cockapoo

Hi I’m Bee, I live in London with my partner and for the purpose of this blog he will be affectionately known as Spock.  Not because of his ears but because where I sometimes lack logic and common sense he more than makes up for my shortfall.  I also have a dog named Darwin, he’s a little like me I suppose we’re both a little scruffy , we both get a little over enthusiastic at times, and we both love food but are rubbish in the kitchen.

I am a hoarder of cook books and I’m sure I’m not alone (I can’t be), for years they seemed to serve no other purpose than to inspire which restaurant I fancied going to that weekend or which take away menu to reach for.  I don’t have a natural flair for cooking, which some would say was unusual  because my mother is arguably the best cook in the world, I just don’t have her super power of identifying all the ingredients that goes into a dish simply by tasting a spoonful, seriously who does that? The best I could do is identify there was some type of rice in rice pudding!

I hope to share with you all the recipesI’ve tried, with notes on which ones have worked for me as well as tips that I’ve learnt along the way.  I’ll even share the terrible mishaps that have occurred on the road to perfection(or at the very least pleasantly edible).

Living in London we’re truly spoilt for fabulous places to eat and drink, and as a wannabe foodie I will share with you and new and exciting discoveries I come across as well as my thoughts on them . As always my opinions are my own and occasioanlly I’ll try and get comments from the people I’m with.

All the photos on this blog are my own, my photographic arsenal at the moment is:

  • Cannon 500D
  • 50mm Cannon lens