Hi! Thanks for stopping by.

This blog is about my adventures in my kitchen.

I’m not a baker or chef  and quite honestly a bit of a disaster in the kitchen,  but i am learning that the only way to improve is to keep_on_going, move past the cakey bread, say no to cakes that refuse to come out their tins and show curries that don’t quite hit the mark that you will not be beaten!!

All the recipes on this blog will only appear if I have been able to consistently produce scrumptious results,and where possible I will try and post the results of earlier attempts. I hope to share all the tips and tricks that I’ve learnt along the way which I hope will help inspire other wannabe foodies!

As well as tried and tested recipes I’ll also post my thoughts and reviews on any new and exciting discoveries I stumble across living in this great city.

I hope you enjoy this blog and good luck wanna be foodies x

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